OnlyFans and PayPal?

October 21, 2021 | 3 min read

Is it possible to pay with PayPal at OnlyFans and what are the possible alternatives?

To answer the question directly. No, unfortunately you cannot pay with PayPal at OnlyFans.
Why this is so and what alternatives there are for you, you will find out now.

Why does OnlyFans not offer PayPal payments?

No matter if you are active as a creator on OnlyFans or if you want to follow someone for a fee on the platform, the fact that PayPal is not available as a payment method is problematic.

In Germany e.g., 48% of online users prefer to pay with PayPal. This is followed by paying by invoice with 21% and only third is payment by direct debit or credit card. Statistics.

Since paying on account is of course not possible for virtual services like an OnlyFans membership, the top 69% of the most popular payment methods are omitted! That's a problem whether you're a Creator or a fan active on OnlyFans.

You have these 5 options to unlock exclusive content

Credit card / virtual credit card

This is the standard payment method on OnlyFans. You can apply for a credit card at your bank and it is often offered for free. Alternatively, you can apply for a virtual credit card. You can load it with credit and then pay with it. Here you can find more.

SOFORT Bank Transfer

Unlike the name suggests, SOFORT Überweisung is a normal online bank transfer. You have to be activated for online banking to use this payment method.


Similar to the virtual credit card, you can also load a credit with Giropay and then pay with it.


Another variant is the payment by Paysafecard. This is to be understood as a prepaid card - you buy a card with a certain balance, for example, 50 € and when this balance is used up, you need a new card.


For all creators and users who are open for an alternative to OnlyFans because they can't do without PayPal payment, there is another option - Contenized.
What is the difference between Contenized and OnlyFans?

At Contenized you will experience sensual eroticism like you won't find anywhere else. We work only with the best models and photographers and offer high quality, sensual content.

On our unique explore page you can easily be found by other members as a creator - even if you are still unknown.

As a user, on the other hand, you can anonymously and discreetly browse the explore page and come across incredibly seductive models, photographers or content that you would never have found otherwise.