OnlyFans alternative?

October 21, 2021 | 3 min read

Contenized for creators from Europe

So you are looking for an OnlyFans alternative? Then we offer you an exciting alternative with Contenized, which is especially interesting for you if you come from Europe.

The paid content platform OnlyFans has been internationally known at least since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. The British platform of founder Tim Stokely has managed to deliver the right product for the enormously high demand for exclusive content. But for many models, photographers and creators, OnlyFans is unfortunately not a satisfying option, as the platform comes with some major drawbacks - especially for creators from Europe.

The 5 biggest problems with OnlyFans

  1. The lack of PayPal and other payment methods for users who don't have a credit card
  2. The partly bad image of the platform as an amateur porn site
  3. The fact that OnlyFans is not optimally suited for German-speaking countries
  4. No real contact person for problems and questions
  5. It is extremely difficult to be a creator on OnlyFans without a large reach of your own

The 5 solutions to these problems at Contenized

1.Sell exclusive content without credit card

The biggest advantage of Contenized compared to other platforms like OnlyFans is that users do not need a credit card to pay.

This means that as a creator, you don't have to worry about whether your fans will be able to buy your content. At Contenized, your fans can pay with all common payment methods.

2. Fair and ethical erotica, instead of a smut image

When it comes to content, we focus on quality instead of quantity. At Contenized, unlike most other platforms, the focus is on erotic content with an aesthetic appeal.
This ensures that users receive only the best possible images and videos. This supports Contentized's mission to redefine eroticism as something positive, beautiful and empowering, rather than something negative.

3. Specialized for creators from Europe

As a German company we are optimally prepared for the needs of creators from the European Union.
All prices are calculated at un in EUR. So there are no problems with currency conversion for you and you know at any time how much money you really get. The sales tax is calculated according to German and EU regulations.

4. Personal contact and support

It's a terrible feeling when you have a problem and you don't get help from anyone or even worse - there is not even a real contact person!
That's why we don't leave you alone and stand by you as a contact person. You will always get an answer from a real person from our team (actually, this should go without saying, but everyone of us has been annoyed with automated answers from chat bots).

5. Explore page for creators without many followers

As a creator without a large reach, it is almost impossible to be found by other users on OnlyFans.
We saw this problem as an opportunity and therefore introduced the explore page at Contenized. We believe that even smaller creators deserve a chance to succeed!

Convince yourself and register for free

The best thing is to convince yourself of Contenized and register now for free.
After the account creation you can verify yourself as a creator. Before that we will check your profile and contact you within 24 hours.