An erotic start-up for fair, diverse and high quality content

February 3, 2023 | 3 min read

... this is how we usually introduce Contenized, a platform for creators and their fans, during the first conversation

Hello, unknown reader. Today we would like to introduce ourselves, because if you understand better what we do, you can decide for yourself if you are right here at Contenized.

Digital revolution in the taboo subject of sex

It is undisputed that eroticism has been a part of our culture for centuries. Sex is the basis of our human existence and yet the erotic industry still has to fight with a very bad reputation, prejudices and discrimination.

Nobody wants to be associated with the smut industry, but at the same time the numbers speak a different language, because about 25% of all search queries on the Internet have to do with pornography.

Digital revolution on the taboo subject of sex, but same problems as before

The platform OnlyFans has changed the erotic industry within a very short time and opened a new market - the direct contact of creators to their fans. But this has not changed the bad image of the industry.

On the one hand, countless creators' paid content is illegally leaked on the Internet every day and nothing is done about it.

On the other hand, users are made emotionally dependent and financially exploited by fake chats and faked online relationships. Unfortunately, far too little is being done about this, too.

But what if there were a way to offer erotic content under fair conditions and thus make it socially acceptable?

How we contribute with our digital erotic start-up to make eroticism and sexuality socially acceptable

We founded Contenized because we believe that sex and eroticism are something wonderful, but unfortunately most platforms do not create a safe and fair atmosphere for their creators and users.

As a platform for erotic content we have a big responsibility. That's why Contenized only accepts creators who are of legal age and represent our values and philosophy.

Published content is carefully reviewed and must comply with our content guidelines, which are transparently visible. Therefore we offer our creators a safe place without the risk of account suspension.

In addition, we offer our users the greatest possible transparency and security, as we clearly distance ourselves from fraud through fake chats by making disclaimers and notices transparent to our users.

Security for our creators through state-of-the-art technology against leaks

One of the biggest problems for sex workers is the fact that countless paid content is illegally leaked on the internet every day and nothing is done about it. Unlike other platforms, we do not leave our creators alone with this problem.

Using the latest technology, in the event of illegal content distribution, we can quickly find out who shared the content on the Internet and then take action.
This approach not only helps when content has already been leaked, but also provides a preventive deterrent for other users so that it doesn't happen again in the future.

Eroticism as it should be - honest, fair and sustainable

Contentized changes the way we think about erotica by making it socially acceptable through honest, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing content.

In 2023, the most beautiful secondary matter in the world should not be associated with shame and discomfort, but with what it is - something natural and, above all, beautiful!

If you too would like to contribute to making eroticism more socially acceptable, you can register for free at Contenized.